Class 5

Class 5 Course


This course is for the beginners who don’t have any knowledge about truck and trailer. This course also helps the students to improve their driving skills. Even for who have driven farming tractors or trolleys whether it is in Canada or it may be any other country, this course helps you to get your Class 1 driving license in Manitoba. After getting license you are ready to apply for job in any trucking company.

Course Requirements

. Must be 18 years old.
. Must have class 5 F license
. Must have 1A (knowledge test Class 1) & Air brake endorsement ( Air brake knowledge test)
. Must update medical records for MPI (Medical examination)

Time Availability

we are flexible with course trimming , Part-time Full-time spots available .

This course includes following sections

1. Pre-Trip Inspection: – Pre-trip inspection is a order to checks of that we perform before the first trip of the day. It is required to do after every 24 hours. This includes checking the components from inside and outside of the Vehicle to make sure it is safe to go on the road.

2. Air-Brake Endorsement (Practical):- As truck and trailers are equipped with hydraulic air evacuated system. In this you learn how to do the brake inspection. Braking is the important part of tractor and trailer.

3. Backing: – This helps you to learn how to back the single and combination unit. We teach you backing with the help of different reference points. These reference points help you to learn backing easily in a short time. By doing this you are able to back up on docks, parking lots.

4. Driving: – This includes following:-

. How to move the vehicle
. Checking Blind spots
. Right / left turns at stop signs
. Right/ left turns at lights
. Yield signs
. Multi-lane turns

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